Support University Workers

AFSCME Local 3800 clerical union is on strike for fair wages and health care (read what they're fighting for). This is Jenny's union and she will be out on strike fighting for a fair contract. We could use your help (and if you work for the University of Minnesota, you'll be helping yourself: any health care concessions the union wins will be available for all University employees).

Please consider a donation to the U Clerical Hardship Fund for striking workers who need help meeting their expenses.

We are fortunate that we won't need to draw from this fund...but a lot of other AFSME workers are not. A lot of them support their families on $12/hour jobs at the University. They can't afford to strike, but they can't afford their health care costs to go up, either.

It is true that University funding has been slashed by the state government, and the U has to make ends meet somehow. But why should the least among them bear the brunt of the pain? Like the grocery store strike/lockout in California, this is a fight to keep working people in the middle class.

I hope you will support this strike however you can. Check out the union's website and for more information about how you can help.

— October 20, 2003

Vermont is Hell


An actual Vermonter rips Jonah Goldberg on Common Dreams.

— October 20, 2003