Apple on Intel

So, it's true. Apple is moving to Intel chips. How many decades has this rumor waited to come true?

What I don't get is how Apple survives the Osborne effect (via Daring Fireball). Osborne put itself out of business by pre-announcing its new, improved hardware...leading no one to buy its current hardware.

Why will anyone buy a Mac until 2006?

On the plus side...

...faster, cooler, longer-running laptops

...better Windows emulators (or a version of VMWare?)

...easier game ports?

...Wine on OS X (via Jason)

...Dual boot? (Or triple boot: Mac/Linux/Windows)

On the minus side...

...Emulation of old apps will probably be slow

...transitions like this are always painful

...Apple is giving up on the PowerPC processor, so eventually all the PowerPC customers (e.g., me) will be left in the dust. Apps won't get ported, new OS versions won't get released.

Anyone want to buy a G4 iMac? ;)