Let's ride bikes in Portland!

Portland is one of the great bike cities of the world. Let's ride around and enjoy it. This ride will be a no-drop group ride for people attending RailsConf, local Rubyists who'd like to join in, and any assorted hangers-on who can put up with a bunch of nerds on bikes.

When & Where

The ride will leave from the convention center after the Ruby Hero awards on Wednesday.

Meet at the statue at the corner of Holiday and Martin Luther King Jr at 6:45. We will depart at 7:00. The ride should take a little over an hour at an easy pace.


Here is the preliminary route:

View Bicycling directions to NW Davis St in a larger map

This is subject to change. The goal is a 10 mile route that drops us off near the hotels and after parties before it gets too dark (sunset is at 8:18pm).

This route includes a visit to Ladd's Addition, a unique Portland neighborhood; historic Old Town; the Rose Garden, with its amazing view of the city and Mt Hood (in the unlikely event that it is clear); and ends near the Engine Yard/Elemental after party.

For those not going to the after party, we'll find a cool spot to grab a bite and a beer.

But I don't have a bike in Portland!

Me neither! Here's some places you can rent one.

For more rental resources, check the Portland Bureau of Transportation and Bike Portland.

Is this associated with RailsConf?

Nope! This is entirely unofficial. Think of it as a Birds of a Feather session, except we'll be moving, and afterwards we'll drink beer.

Sign up

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Who's organizing this?

I'm Luke Francl, a software developer and cyclist from San Francisco by way of Minneapolis (two other great bike cities). Follow me on Twitter for updates.

I'm looking for someone in Portland to help as well, especially with planning a route and rental resources.