Image Syndication and Weblogs

When Don Park first wrote about his ideas for an image syndication service, I thought it sounded pretty lame. But he further expanded on the idea in recent posts (Blog Inline Image Service using Syndicated Images, Syndicated Image Use Cases) and I realized it's actually a really worthwhile idea.

Basically, the idea has two parts: publishing images using RSS and a search tool to find images related to whatever you're working on. Don says, "Tie two parts together and you got something neat. Imagine writing a post about Bill Gate and being presented with a selection of Bill Gate pictures including one taken this morning by himself. Cool!" Yup, that's pretty cool.

My friend from #infoanarchy, nym, already has a demo of the first part. Check out his image blog. That's powered by this RSS 1.0 source.

The biggest problem I can think of is getting good metadata about the images. Otherwise you can't search on them very well.

Don seems pretty busy, but maybe someone will have time to make this happen.