Back from Vacation

I'm back from my vacation in Northern Minnesota. It was very relaxing. It's the first vacation I've taken where leisure was the real goal. I've never come home from vacation tired of eating out at good restaurants before!

It's always strange coming back from vacation because you realize how little the world really needs you. I caught up with hundreds of email messages and weblog posts, but only very few really needed my attention. Nothing earth shattering happened. Life goes on.

Before the trip I bought a Canon S330 (those bastards! They just released the S230, a 3 megapixel camera!) and I've been pretty pleased with it. Earlier this year, I posted a pretty comprehensive comparison of the S200 and the S330. Examining the evidence, I decided the S330 was the right choice for me. The new S230 might be worth considering, but I just found out about it so I don't have an opinion.

I'll post a few pictures from the vacation as soon as I hack my Blosxom autoformat code to automatically insert images. If you want to see an example of a photo taken with my new camera, check out the photo on my homepage.