Python vs. Lisp: Grudgematch!

<Ash> look: I like python pretty well, but the syntax is kind of annoying.

<AaronSw> this from a lisp programmer?!

<Ash> AaronSw: One type of brace is much simpler than a bazillion!

<AaronSw> to write perhaps, but not to rfead

<Ash> Lisp's syntax is simple and efficient.

<Ash> With a proper editor, lisp is incredibly easy to read.

<look> OK, let's pretend we got past the syntax argument

<look> It's now 45 minutes in the future

<look> and we've agreed to disagree

<look> Hurray!

<AaronSw> I bet look's time machine is programmed in Python. <duck />

PS: Grrr...I need a preformatted style badly!