Buy Bush a PS2!

The Buy Bush a PlayStation 2 Campaign has succeeded in raising the $370 necessary to buy President George Bush a PS2, two military-themed games "to suit his apparent taste" and "an extra controller for Mr. Cheney's use".

Why? I think the reasons are obvious:

As I sat pondering the President's motives one day, it suddenly dawned on me that it is entirely likely our Commander in Chief has never played a single video game in his life. "Of course!" I exclaimed, startling mygirlfriend, who was driving at the time. "Without the catharsis that video games provide, Bush has no way of fulfilling his militaristic fantasies other than actually fighting wars."

While I doubt Mr. Bush will ever even see his new PS2, this site is a hilarious use of the internet for devistating political satire: "We ask that you accept these gifts and use them, rather than the lives of Iraqi civilians and our U.S. servicemen, to fulfill any militaristic fantasies."

I hope it works.