A classy logo for Free Software

I just sent the following email to gnu@gnu.org. Perhaps I should've also sent it to RMS himself to make sure someone reads it, but I imagine he gets enough email as it is. Comments on the idea are welcome.


You have no doubt seen the recently adopted Open Source Initiative "OSI Certified" logo for software projects which use open source licenses. If not, you can find an example of the OSI Certified graphic at http://opensource.org/trademarks/osi-certified/web/osi-certified-120x100.png and instructions for its use at http://opensource.org/trademarks/ .

I find the the OSI Certified mark distinguished and visually pleasing. It's clear keyhole symbolism reflects the ideals of the open source movement. However, as a proud free software developer, I would like to be able to display a similar graphic on my free software programs. Perhaps there could be two versions, one which proclaims that the software is "Free Software", and another which complements that with "GPL Compatable". Any project that adheres to the FSF's list of free software licenses could use the logo.

What do you think of this idea?