Free Pepper

<wmf> <Look> "I am Look, affiliated with the late Martin Hekkelman, lead programmer of the democratic republic of Pepper. I urgently need your assistance in recovering some source code..."

Yup, some folks are trying to free the source code to Pepper, and I'd like to help them. Not because I use Pepper, but because I want to see these Blender-style source buyouts succeed. It's proof of concept for the gift economy.

Yes, the Free Pepper website kind of sucks. Erik of infoAnarchy criticized it as "bland and uniformative" and several posters on the OS News board said much the same thing. But since he posted that story, Free Pepper has added Pepper demos for 3 platforms and noted what license they'll be releasing Pepper under if they succeed (BSD/MIT-style, a wise choice). Now they just need to make a progress meter like Blender had, put it somewhere visible and publicize the hell out of it.

Oh, and maybe some proof that they're not out just to rip people off...