Tuesday, November 6th 2002

Here are my quick links for today.

If Microsoft Had Written Nmap [via #infoanarchy]

Paul Krugman is hated in much of the conservative blogosphere because he's a member of that rare species: eloquent liberal economists. I often see his articles in the New York Times linked to from various sites, but I rarely read them because they are locked up behind the Times's foul registration system. Today I found his homepage and I've been happily reading his insights for some time. Krugman has Even better is the Unofficial Paul Krugman Archive which seems to have a copy of, or link to, just about everything he's ever written. If your leanings are liberal, conservative, or libertarian, his site is worth a visit.

Here are some interesting pieces:

The Daily Howler reminds me of the cross between MediaWhoresOnline and Spinsanity.