Lessig's Challenge Update

Here's a little marketing blurb I wrote to talk about the results from the first month of the Lessig Challenge.

Inspired by Lawrence Lessig's OSCON remarks, Lessig's Challenge is a way for people concerned by the attempts by the entertainment industry to close off the net to fight back. The challenge is to spend more on those who fight for the open network than you do on its enemies. Since it appeared on Slashdot last month, 10 people have joined me and we've raised over $2300 for good causes (organizations like the EFF, the ACLU, the FSF, along with free software/open source programmers and online artists). And that's just the ones I know about! Cory Doctrow wrote to tell me that many people were inspired by the challenge to join the EFF. If you want to do your part, now's a good time -- you can still get a tax break in 2002 by donating before the end of the year. Check out the list of suggested recipients.