More Java 1.5 info

Wes Felter has had some great links about Java 1.5 recently. As a Java programmer, I try to stay up on the new developments (check out my previous coverage of Java Tiger).

Preparing for Generics: An Introduction is a good first look at how generics are going to work in Java 1.5. You'll be able to use generics for your own classes, not just Collections. Cool.

JSR 201: Extending the Java Programming Language with Enumerations, Autoboxing, Enhanced for loops and Static Import is another Josh Bloch-lead enhancement for 1.5 (Doug Lea's involved, too). We've heard about some of these things already but this gives them a number and released draft specs on how they'll work. See: A Typesafe Enum Facility for the Java Programming Language, Autoboxing support for the Java Programming Language, Importing Static Members in the Javatm Programming Language.

I'm a little disappointed with the for each syntax. They don't want to add a new keyword to the language so they're adding to the meaning of the for loop. I'd rather just see something like "foreach ( Foo in bar ) { ... }" but maybe it's too late in the language's development to add that.