More Blosxom Blather

I figured out how Rael creates his +/- indicator for TrackBacks. The standalone trackback CGI creates a serialized Perl data structure file for each weblog entry in its data directory. Just check for the existence of that file, and presto. I'm finding I really need this piece of information, otherwise trackback is almost useless because you can't tell if anyone has actually tracked back to you.

In other Blosxom news, version 0+5i has been released. I'm excited about the subdirectory categorization feature. At first I thought this was lame and that I wouldn't need it, but now I realize that a simple categorization scheme would be great for letting me orgainize data. For example, I'll have a books/to_read category and a books/reviews_category. and maybe even a books/currently_reading. Since each of these can export XML, I can probably do some sweet stuff, like create a "currently reading" sidebar which updates itself automatically.

This weekend I will probably integrate my autoformatting hacks (plus some improvements) into 0+5i. I'll call that 2+5i. Hopefully it will be suffiently mature for Rael to include the code in version 0+6i. Then I won't have to keep maintatining my own version of the software.