AutoFormating Rules. HTML Drools.

To get my weblog going, I'm hacking wiki-style auto-formating in to Blosxom, my weblog weapon of choice. This post is my example which shows everything you can do with the autoformatting.

Here is some bold text. Followed by italics. This is a link followed by some text. Here are some italics which span the entire line and them wrap to the next. What happens if you nest bold and italics? who can know?

Here's another link. I'm trying to break stuff. It also can do bare links:

This is a demonstration of quoting:

Here is a quote from someone.

But this line isn't quoted because it's HTML:

Some other text

Neat, huh?

Now let's test lists:

Now for numbered lists:

  1. blah
  2. blabh blah
  3. blah

This is, well, pretty awesome.