Text formatting rules

For reference, here are the text formatting rules that my haxored copy of i blosxom supports:

Auto paragraphs: just insert a line between paragraphs like you would in an email.

Bold and Italics: Use email style * and _ symbols

Blockquote: indent your line by two whitespace characters

Numbered list: prefix at least two lines with a "[0-9]+." aka, a number followed by a period.

Bulleted list: prefix at least two lines with an asterix.

Auto links: Include your link in [] with the link first, then a space and any text you want to use: [url-scheme://link title]. The URL schemes which are supported by this are HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, NNTP, NEWS, TELNET, and FILE. "Bare" links are also supported: http://www.eff.org

You can also include any HTML you want in your post. The system shouldn't screw up your HTML too bad, but see the list of limitations below.

To see what a plain-text Blosxom entry looks like, check out autoformatting.txt.

Some limitations of the system:

1. I don't have a "preformated" style yet, as you can tell by this entry. You need this for code examples.

  1. The paragraph code is too agressive. It needs a better regex so it doesn't insert a paragraph before a line with nothing on it or HTML code.
  2. Blockquote should work over multiple lines, like the bullet list and numbered list code does.
  3. Blockquote should work with a single tab instead of two tabs.
  4. MoinMoin style inline images are not yet supported.
  5. mailto: links are not supported yet because they have a difference scheme than the others.

I'm working on fixing these problems.