Blosxom: Saving the World from Yet Another Piece of Weblog Software

I've wanted to start a weblog for a while now, mainly to reply to some of the stuff I see on other weblogs, but I have rather picky requirements. I don't want to waste a lot of time maintaining my weblog software instead of writing entries. I don't want to fuck around with a database or anything like that.

I first discussed my requirements in a post called Before I write my weblog software... on Hack the Planet. They included:

I also wanted nice URLs, templating, searching, and edit this page functionality. Just as important, though, were the things I didn't want: comments, users, a database: "Basically, I just want a simple weblog with solid seperation of the content from the layout that won't lock me in."

Unlike most of the things I write about online, this one was actually mentioned in a few places.

Blosxom doesn't do all the things I wanted, but it is really simple weblogging software. With the addition of some auto-formatting hacks, the blosmail email gateway, and some Apache mod_rewrite rules, it works really well for me. There's no templating, but the files are just in plain text format! What else could you need?

There for Blosxom saved the world from yet another half-implemented crappy piece of weblog software. Hurray!