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<Mutiny> java cuddles me with its firm yet gentle object model

Blosxom Problem: It doesn't deal with < > very well...To be expected, I guess. But I should figure out some way of fixing it to make auto format mode more useful.

This is ultimately a problem with the autoformat code, because an HTML author would never expect putting something in < > brackets to work correctly. However, I want to be able to compose arbitary text without regard to any HTML restrictions. But this presents a problem. Borrowing a page from the Scoop code, I didn't restrict HTML code in the auto-format mode, thinking this would cause more people to want to use it (they wouldn't have to worry about their old entries for one thing...). The problem is that I don't know which sections of text inside < > are supposed to be HTML and which are just text needing to be escaped.

I see two solutions right now, neither of which are very good:

  1. Eliminate HTML from the autoformat mode
  2. Create a set of allowed tags.