Shades of the Fall Revolution

This story about the Soviet Republic of Transnistria reminds me of Ken MacLeod's Fall Revolution series.
Welcome to Transnistria, which according to Interpol is the powder-keg of Europe. This self-proclaimed Republic, with a name that seems to belong to an animated cartoon, the only Soviet Republic remaining on the face of the earth, is the largest weapons bazaar in the world, including conventional and non-conventional weapons. In this stretch of land between Moldova and the Ukraine, huge amounts of non-conventional material (chemical, radioactive, and even nuclear substances) are stockpiled, of the sort used for terrorist attacks and military operations.

In the Fall Revolution books, there is a a former Soviet ministate called the International Scientific and Technical Worker's Republic which has set up a Trotskite communist system and sells nuclear deterrance policies. This Transnistria place reminds me of that because of their proud communist heritage and their arms dealing.