Hibernate looks like a really nice persistence framework for Java. It takes the grunt work out of the OO-Relational mapping (at Ancept, we all this the "relay" layer) while still giving you control over the database schema. Plus, unlike some other solutions for this I've seen, it has great documentation. It's amazing what a difference that makes for me in wanting to try something out (and I'm guilty as well -- Eikon has zero docs and no mailing list).

I'm going to see how it works with PostgreSQL.

My boss loves EJB and it's container-managed persistience, but I'm interested in the more light-weight approach of Hibernate. EJB's learning curve is so steep, I'm afraid to touch it, especially for the simple stuff I've got in mind.

Java Persistence Resources:

Java Persistence Engine (Object-Relational Mapping) by Julian Harris.

Object Relational Mapping Tools by Anthony Berglas.

Announcing Hibernate 1.0 Open Source O/R Persistence Tool by Gavin King plus discussion on The Server Side which includes a number of the criticisms of O-R mappers. It's a little old and it seems that Hibernate has fixed a lot of the criticism.

survey of O/R tools thread on jug-discuss mailinglist.

Torque another approach to O-R mapping, from the Jakarta Project. If anyone is aware of of comparison of Hibernate and Torque, please let me know.

ObJect Relational Bridge also from Jakarta. This implements JDO. I think.