Java Blogs

I've been playing around with Java Blogs for the last couple of days. I'm subscribed to their RSS feed, so I get this huge amalgamation random posts, cross-posts, quotations and freewheeling discussions from all the blogs in the community -- all without any context whatsoever (you can't really tell who's saying what). It's pretty cool, if a little overwhelming. Their faq says they're going to play with collaborative filtering for the front page.

On a related note, I'm now subscribed to over 50 channels using AmphetaDesk. AD is really starting to creak under this amount of data. No, the code is doing great, but the UI just cannot handle this amount of text. It sucks, I need a way to delete posts I've already read. Morbus told me that feature would be in AmphetaDesk 1.1. Hopefully soon, this is getting ridiculous.

What's that you say? Switch to a client-side news aggregator? Never! How would I read my news from everywhere?