Presidential Candidate Humor

Sounds like Dean and Kerry had some pretty funny back-and-forth at the latest presidential candidate forum:
The bickering gave way on occasion to better-natured bantering, particularly between Kerry and Dean. When an audience member asked about a middle-aged workers' crisis, Kerry quipped: "I am 59, and I am looking for work folks." "Actually, Sen. Kerry already has a job and I think he's very good at it and should keep it," Dean shot back.
Kerry raised his successful battle against prostate cancer and used it to take a shot at Bush, saying, "Some have asked how a man without a prostate can be president and I want to make it clear that we've had Republican presidents without a heart." Dean, a doctor, chimed in:
"John was very nervous when he had his prostate exam that I would be doing the test," he said.
"No, I was worried you were going to do the anesthesia," Kerry replied.

Wish I would've seen it!