Gay Bishops are Just Like the Rise of Hitler

Atrios has a post called Gay Bishops are Just Like the Rise of Hitler about a Salon article about a married (at least as far as that goes) lesbian couple in a small California town. The whole article is really interesting, but Atrios quotes part of it where the womens' Episcopalian church parish has a meeting to talk about the national church confirming an openly homosexual bishop and allowing local dioceses to bless same-sex unions at their discretion. One woman is upset with the new rules:
"There's no comparison [to female priests]," she says, "between the ordaining of a moral woman and a twice-divorced man who's been living with another man. We've got to protest. I remember Germany in the '30s and nobody protested and you know what we got from that."

In the comments, "Dr. Nick" snarks:

Oh great, the dawn of the Gay Reich! Run for the hills! The Axis of Fabulous is upon us!
First they came for the poorly dressed, and I said nothing. Then they came for the soccer moms, and I did nothing....

Heh heh.