Quick Links

Space.com: Major Flare Today: Sun Kicks Up Biggest Storm in Years. It's coming right at us! Cool pictures.

The Game Canon and The 300 Games Every Game Developer (and Gamer) Should Know.

Andrew Leonard, Salon: Musical snares. Leonard gets screwed by proprietary DRM music formats (AAC versus WMA).

Me: Swing states at a glance. After yesterday's post on swing states I whipped up this table to show an overview of swing states as defined by the Swing State Project.

Edwards campaign: Interactive electoral vote map.

Pam Pelluck, New York Times: Libertarians Pursue New Goal: State of Their Own. Some of the Free Staters are already moving to New Hampshire. I was just reading some of their escapist freedom porn when this article came out.

Bush lies about the "Mission Accomplished" sign. Ooh, you are so busted!

Filmmaker Greg Allen looks at the White House's carefully produced photo-shoots. White House Stagecraft: Will this be on the DVD?

Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt (via Slactivist). Wow, Mark Romanek has some cool music videos available online. Jesus, was the censored version of Closer that fucked up? I don't remember the crucified monkey.

New York Times graphic on presidential fundraising (fair-used).