Quick Links

I think I am going to start doing these more often because I often find articles which I think are interesting but don't have a lot to say about.

Ryan Lizza, TNR: At His Service. Dean is close to getting the endorsement of SEIU, the nation's largest and most progressive union. Lizza takes a close look at what that means. Interesting union politics.

A long, lonely road between ambition and the Oval Office. Excerpts from One-Car Caravan, Walter Shapiro's look at the trials of earliest stages of running for president (via PoliticalWire).

Salon.com: Psst? Wanna get a look at some vote-counting software? Sequoia touch-screen's vote-counting software WinEDS left on a public FTP site for two years. The code is compiled but includes the SQL statements which could allow an attacker to re-create a Sequoia database.

Salon.com: "There are leftists, but there is no left" interview with retired In These Times publisher James Weinstein about his new book The Long Detour about the Left in America and how it all fell apart after WWI and the rise of communism. I think I might pick this up because I've been interested in the history of American socialism.

In a clever visual pun, the Dean campaign has brought back the "bat":

The first 10,000 people to give $31+ dollars get a special Halloween button:

This is kind of cool. They put this up and rake in a cool $300,000 over the weekend.

Philip Gold: The Conscience of an (ex-)Conservative. Gold laments the lack of a conservative intellectualism. I read this a while ago, but Dean Nation recently linked to it again. I've since read Blinded by the Right which has much the same story as this article.

Sodipodi International Flag and Civic Heraldry Collection is a collection of public domain flags in SVG format (via Lessig).

DNC: President Bush's Halloween Fun Guide Costume Ideas.

Voting Patterns by County. Shows history of party loyalty, flip flop voting, and voting for the winner.