Dean Blog calls it quits

Dan Conley (a former speechwriter for former Virgina Gov. L. Douglas Wilder) has closed down his critical Dean Blog (motto: "Some positive, some negative, some completely off-the-wall comments that have nothing to do with Howard Dean"), because he feels Dean's nomination is "both inevitable and depressing" because Dean will lose to Bush. Over at his new site Dan Conley's Journal, Dan provides more a detailed analysis (link broken at the moment) of why he feels that way. This is even more critical of Dean -- Dan doesn't even think Dean would make a good president. He closes with "Dean needs to be defeated, for the good of the party and the country".

Obviously, I disagree with Dan Conley about that, but I will miss his unique take on the Dean phenomenon. Fortunately, he'll still be providing commentary about a wider range of issues at his new site.

[I cross-posted this to my Daily Kos diary where it has spawned a decent discussion.]