Quick Links

Prospect Magazine (UK): Interview with Karl Marx from beyond the grave. My philosophy teacher in high school used to say that "FDR saved capitalism". "Marx" takes a similar track in this "interview".

Calpundit on Lakoff and framing.

NYT: Microsoft and Google: Partners or Rivals? My biggest fear with the Google IPO is that Microsoft or some other unsavory player will try to take control of Google. My second biggest fear is that as a publicly traded company, Google will lose its laser-like focus on user experience, engineering excellence, and non-evilness. The Economist also has an article on this: How good is Google?

Of the First is a student at the U of M who is recording his experiences with the AFSCME strike on his Daily Kos diary.

David Weinberger: Trademarked registered copyright. It's public domain, so here it is:

Interview with the hosts of Outrage Radio, a new liberal talk show with a bad name. The left still needs better branding...:) (via Joho).

The Swing State Project moves to its new, permanent home: http://www.swingstateproject.com/

The Earth Is Not Moving. I can't tell if this is a joke or not (via The Early Days of a Better Nation).

New Get your war on!

Over at Atrios's comment board, they've come up with a new slogan for the Bush administration: "OMISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"

I didn't know Mena Trott supports Howard Dean (are you required to support the first presidential candidate who uses your weblog software?). Looks like she even made her own button:

Gollum SLAPPs Atrios.