Quick Links

How embarrassing. The Chinese are going to impose tougher fuel efficiency standards than the US. Anyone else feel we're going the way of Snow Crash, where the US leads in only entertainment and pizza delivery?

Red Swingline Stapler.

Here's some libertarian stuff.

W. James Antle III, The American Conservative: Conservative Crack-Up. "Will libertarians leave the Cold War coalition?"

Julian Sanchez, Reason: Attack of the Dean-Leaners: The Libertarian Case for the Democrats: "In short Dean (or another Democratic nominee) has vices which are unlikely to translate into real policy. His virtues -- opposition to an imperial foreign policy, greater support for gay rights, and even a qualified federalism, evidenced by his stance on gun rights -- are more likely to be points on which bipartisan coalition building is possible."

...and (for balance): If Housepets Were Libertarians.

Rich Lowry and Al Franken are going to fight...each other's books.

Bush announces new Iraq policy.

Who knew that John Kerry was a Pac Man master?

Frank Rose, Wired: The Second Coming of Philip K. Dick (via wmf).

Joshua Davis, Wired: The New Diamond Age. I forgot to link to this when I read it. It's a way-cool article on synthetic diamonds.

Dan Savage wants us all to improve the ranking of santorum, that frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex, to the detriment of Senator Santorum, the homophobic senator from Pennsylvania.