Quick Links

Over on Daily Kos, EphemeralNotion finds that protests are a good way to meet hotties. Those chicks in the first picture are looking pretty fine.

Dan Conley reviews the candidates' websites. I'm working on a review of the new Clark site (short version: it's good).

Go give some money to MoveOn Voter Fund.

Give some money to the striking grocery store workers in California so they can have a decent Thanksgiving. (via CalPundit).

CalPundit also points to a page about a law I'd heard existed, but had never read about: the banning of "secondary strike". This (among other things) takes one of the most awesome weapons out of the workers' arsenal: the general strike. General strikes are illegal, but colluding between employeers isn't. Not fair.

Slacktivist has a good roundup of commentary about the new RNC ads I mention below.