Quick Links

Burlington Free Press: How did Dean surge to the front?.

John Kerry is running a nice ad on Escanton and Talking Points Memo. I like to see all the Democrats get clued in about the web and blogs, but it does raise some ethical questions. Josh Marshall and Atrios discuss this.

theoria: Dinner with the Enemy and Breakfast with the Enemy, plus Bear Balls.

Jack Balkin on populism.

Andy Rooney rips Bush a new one (video).

Slashdot interview with Neil Gaiman. I recently read his book American Gods which won the Hugo and the Nebula. I thought it was good, but I didn't really "get it". I didn't know he wrote the script for Princess Mononoke. Gaiman recommends M. John Harrison's Light as the best SF book he's read in the last 5 years. Unfortunately, it's not in print in the US and the Minneapolis library doesn't have a copy. Harrison is the author of The Centauri Device which I've also heard is good.

Technology Review: Everyone's a programmer. Hasn't this been tried before? It does seem to me that if you could create a system where users could edit their own domain logic assuptions it would solve a lot of problems that now require going back to the programming team and getting a recompile and redeployment. Maybe all Intentional Software's system does is put a friendly, standard face on that type of thing.

Collection of 26 Beanie Babies from Ex-Wife (via Jenny!) "Final Notice and Disclaimer: I know nothing about these stuffed Beanie Babies. I offer no proof of anything. It is a stuffed animal, get over it! I don't think my ex-wife was in the Black Market Beanie Trade..but then again, I didn't know she was having an affair either! Thus no gauruntees! All have theior little Heart Shaped tags on their ears." Heh heh. He's got another auction where you can buy him a beer and a website.

KOMPRESSOR has destroyed X10!