Quick Links

Philip Greenspun made his class do a usability analysis on Friendster for their midterm. The results are pretty interesting: 6.171 Friendster Usability Analysis.

The Dean campaign has talked about their strategy to retake Congress (more realistically, I would say, to stem the losses) by pushing Dean supporters to volunteer for local races and give money. Today, the idea will be tested. Campaign manager Joe Trippi sent an email to all Dean supporters asking them to give money to Iowa Rep. Leonard Boswell. The Boston Globe has a story on it: Dean pushing Democratic Congress. Boswell hasn't endorsed anyone in the race yet.

2071.org has a translation of a French piece about a reporter who was 'embedded' with the Iraqi guerilla group that hit the DHL plane. There's some photos of the damage at What Really Happened (looks like the plane made an emergency landing, but was OK). Reading stuff like this gives me the chills. I am really worried about the situation in Iraq.

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today (via Counterspin).

Fortune: Can Google Grow Up? I wonder if Google will succumb to the IPO disease and start sucking big time after it goes public.

Are corporations "they" or "it"?

Salon: MoveOn moves up. Good article about MoveOn.

Washington Post: Election Is Now for Bush Campaign. More on the Bush/GOP Get-Out-The-Vote efforts planned for next year. Yikes!

Paul Ford: A New Website for Harper's Magazine. The first real application of RDF and the semantic web? Who cares about that crap -- I just want to read Harper's archives online. Which I still can't do.

(Somewhat related to the above) Peter Van Dijck: Themes and metaphors in the semantic web discussion. This is a cartoon-style narative of the frequent "the Semantic web will never work" conversation. Boiled down like this, I can actually make sense of the arguments.

Wow, Movable Type can be used to send spam! Oops. Six Apart released a patch to reduce the problems.

George Soros has an excerpt of his new book The Bubble of American Supremacy in this month's Atlantic (see, sometimes it's worth reading...like twice a f$@#ing year!). Soros is pumping big bucks into anti-Bush organizations.