American Concentration Camps

While the national discourse focuses on war and whether those who oppose it are anti-American, I think it's valuable to reflect on some of the less shining moments of our country, such as the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War.

Journalist Dave Neiwert has writen eloquently about the internment of the Japanese, its causes, and why it still matters today. See his posts Inside the internment and The roots of hate. When an extremely powerful Congressman like Howard Cobel ignorantly says that the Japanese were rounded up "for their own protection", we know that not everyone has learned from history.

History is dry for many people. That's why like like Masumi Hayashi's somber photo collages of the ruins of the American Concentration Camps. These places are real.

Stylistically, they remind me strongly of David Hockney's multiple perspective collages he created to illustrate Secret Knowledge.