Balkin on Friedman

I really enjoy Jack Balkin's blog. He doesn't post constantly, but when he does, it is so well thought out and intelligent. I would say his eloquence and thoughtfulness was a consequence of being a law professor, if not for a certain other blogging law professor who does not share Balkin's qualities. If you don't read Balkinization, you should. His latest on Tom Friedman, Hey Tom, Wake Up and Smell the Napalm is excellent.

He concludes:

For those readers who think that the reason we should fight this war is to rid the world of a despicable tyrant and replace him with a vibrant democracy, I salute you. I applaud your idealism and your commitment to making this a better, freer world. But you need to realize that your agenda is not Bush's agenda. Your motives are not his motives. He is playing you, and all of us, for fools. Don't be taken in. He isn't serious about making the long term commitment that will be necessary to secure a democratic state in Iraq. And, as a result, he is going to make this world an even bigger mess, and an even more dangerous place than it was before he became President.
God help us. God help us all.