Weird Day

Today was a weird day.

I woke up without my alarm at 9:30. I'd forgotten to set it. So no shower for me.

Then at work, I get a call out of the blue from some British guy. Turns out he's a recruiter looking for people with Content Manager experience to do contract programming in Europe. Heh, sounds pretty cool to me.

Then the anti-war protest. About 500 people showed up. I didn't like it much, because it was run by chanting idiots with an overly loud sound system. As an aside, does anyone think the "Hell no, we won't go" chant is kind of obsolete? We don't have a draft any more.

After milling about for a while, I walked around the crowd checking out people. There was a student walk out, so there were a lot of young kids. Some cute chicks dancing to the improptu music. Maybe 10 or 20 black bloc anarchists with their black and anarcho-syndicalist flags. I hadn't seen any anarchists at previous protests.