More Republicans like this, please

We need more Republicans like this. Check out this hilarious letter to the editor from an enraged Republican. Enraged because Norm Coleman tested his leash by voting against drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.
Once a Democrat
I donated to Norm Coleman's Senate campaign. I thought he was a Republican who would support our president.
I was wrong and I will never donate or vote for another Democrat who changes parties. Once a Democrat, always a Democrat.
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is nothing but tundra. Period. There is not one tree there and I would like to hear from any Minnesotan who has ever been there. Tundra, period.
The Native Americans who live there want the oil companies to develop ANWR and anyone who is against them is dooming them to life with no electricity, running water and other amenities that these protectionists enjoy every day of their lives.
Shame on them.
Michael B. Williams, Jacobson, Minn.

Yes! We need more wack-job Republicans like this, so they will nominate extreme right wing candidates with no chance of getting elected in Minnesota. Keep up the good work, Mr. Williams.