Sex Ed letter to the editor

I sent a letter to the editor to the Star Tribune regarding their recent editorial about comprehensive sex education. Sadly, the space prevents me from touching upon the importance of comprehensive sex education for gay and lesbians.

The letter is below:

I applaud your sex education editorial of March 22nd. As our nation's attention is focused on the war with Iraq, it is important to keep an eye on what is going on back home.

However, your editorial failed to mention the most crucial reason why comprehensive sex education must be offered to all students: everyone has sex someday. If we assume for a moment that abstinence-only sex education actually works and prevents young people from having sex until they're married, what then?

Unlike the Monty Python sketch where "every sperm is sacred", American couples generally do not want to have child after child. They need to know what options they have for birth control and how they work, not platitudes about staying chaste. Comprehensive sex education is the best way to ensure that Minnesota's young adults get the information they need.