War Worries

It's still too soon to tell, but I think the American people were sold a bill of goods.

I'm worried about the way the war is going. Our soldiers are meeting heavy resistance, even in Southern Iraq. The Iraqis are switching to guerrilla tatics to harras our long supply line. American and British soldiers are dying.

I'm also worried about the Iraqis. There's a pseudonymous Iraqi blogger named Salam Pax who I've been reading. Salam doesn't want to be bombed, but he doesn't like Saddam, either. "Support Democracy in Iraq" is all he asks of us (an Iraqi-American with relatives in Baghdad says much the same thing. Heartbreaking.) He hasn't updated for 3 days. His last update: "2 more hours untill the B52's get to Iraq."

I don't know him, but he is putting a personal face on the war for me. I worry about his safety and I hope he lives. The first step in convincing a nation's people that they must attack another is to dehumanize the enemy. Maybe someday the net will connect us so much that such dehumanization becomes impossible. But considering the way my coworkers seem to be salivating over the webcast war porn, that seems pre-mature.