Working Overtime

I'm working overtime, so here's some hot and tasty links.

Nerd Stuff

SQL to Prevayler Migration Micro-HOWTO

Rollback support in Prevayler. Uh oh, rationalizing the lack of atomicity. Sounds like the MySQL syndrome.

Prevayling Stupidity

Redhat Enterprise Content Management System. Redhat shipped a new version of the ACS. It looks a lot slicker than it used to, and they've ported it to PostgreSQL. I'm still interested in this, because my company competes in this space, too.


Christian Science Monitor: Is that a daisy growing on your roof?. Cool! Ecoroofs rock, if I buy a house I totally want to build one.

The City of Portland has more on their ecoroof program, including a cool Q&A document (pdf).


Two bits from the centrist New America Foundation.

Michael Lind: America's Tribes

Phillip J. Longman: The Health of Nations. We've exhausted all the easy life expectancy gains, and trying to push it further with is busting the health care bank. What next? Bias Affects Story Updates on Political Weblogs (via soundbitten).