Ken MacLeod has a blog!

Sure, everyone and his mom knows that William Gibson has a blog. But I just found out that my current favorite science fiction author, Ken MacLeod, has a weblog!

MacLeod is the author of the excellent Fall Revolution series of near (and far) future political science fiction. He's also the author of another series which I haven't got around to reading yet.

I found out about this from a post on Electrolite where Patrick Nielsen Hayden notes, "I have personally felt like I was living in a Ken MacLeod future since sometime not long after 9/11, and I wish he'd CUT IT OUT."

I've felt much the same way. I re-read The Star Fraction shortly after 9/11 and reading the Atlantic Monthly article A New Grand Strategy -- which suggests the US's interest in the Middle East lie not so much in oil, but in preventing Europe from developing armed forces capible of force projection -- and I was startled by the parallels. I even thought of trying to track down Ken MacLeod and email him the article: "Look! It's happening!"

I'm worried, but I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Oh, and I highly recommend all his books.