Ry4an has a (un)blog!

Ry4an had a sharp critique of Gabe and my "Bleek" mailinglist-to-blog software. One of these days, I'll print his email and my response.

But now, he's got the upper hand, with Ry4an's Un-Blog. It's not a blog -- it's a MHonArc template that looks like a weblog. It even has an RSS feed (cough which sucks cough ;).

Ry4an says "I still fail to see the difference between modern blogging software and 1990s style vanity mailing lists." He's right. The famous FoRK (Friends of Rohit Khare) mailing list is considered one of the precursors to blogs.

His inagural posts include one which graphs the perserverance of "annual" events using Google.