Today is Weird People Day

Today is weird people day. My co-worker Jason sent out this wacked eBay auction. He claims to be selling a new compression algorithm...for $30,000,000...and then it goes down hill from there: "APPLICATIONS: ... Transportation Increase storage mass of any fuel, thus output of any engine Space travel, space fuels that are compressed in mass thus reducing to transport the fuel Space travel, space engines that are compressed-teleported in bubbles, thus no need to actually carry the fuel, fuel is streamed Medicine Increase mass of any medications without increasing volume, thus facilitating augmentation of administration of any medications of procedures"

His site shows that's just the beginning. He's got proof that the timeline has been altered, causing him finacial censorship. Truly bizare.

Perhaps weirder than the Time Cube guy...

Or, maybe, R. S. Tolley? Among other things, he reveals the connection between Amy Grant, John Madden, King Arthur, and the virgin Mary...followed by the inexplicable inclusion of Dave Matthews lyrics.