Come see Howard Dean April 27 in St. Paul

I sent out the following email to some friends. Hopefully they are not too annoyed with it. I figured I might as well put it up on my blog for others to read and maybe they will want to attend, too.

I guess this also marks my official Just Looking outting of my presidential candidate preference. Most people I talk to in Real Life know already. So, expect to see some graphics or something on here soon.

Here's the email:

I'm writing because I wanted to let you know that presidential candidate Howard Dean will be in town on April 27. Dean has been gaining national attention because of his principled stand on the issues and no-BS presentation.

The 5 term former governor of Vermont and medical doctor who signed the nation's first civil unions law, he's:

In short, he appeals to a whole lot of people. This guy's the real deal, and I want to help him get elected.

Dean will be coming to the Twin Cities on April 27 to meet supporters. We'd like to give him a big Minnesota welcome. I hope you'll read about Governor Dean and if you like what you see (and I think you will), come with me to meet the next President of the Unitied States!

What: Meet and Greet/Rally for Howard Dean

When: Sunday, April 27 8:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Where: 1399 Eustis Avenue St. Paul (plenty of parking)



There's a $10-$20 suggested donation and contributions are not tax ductible for Federal income tax purposes.

P.S.: If you can't make it or just want more information, check out these links for more about Howard Dean and the grassroots organizing that's going on here in Minnesota.

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