Luke Francl, Bike Commuter

I've been having a lot of fun -- and saving money and getting exercise -- by bike commuting.

Adventures with GPS

I borrowed my co-worker's GPS unit to see how far my ride is. The route I usually take to work is about 2 miles (it's hard to track because I lose the signal when I get downtown). Going home that way is uphill, so I take the senic route -- Cedar-Lake Trail to Kenilworth Trail to Midtown Greenway. From trail entrance to exit, that's 4.6 miles. I estimate my total trip home is about 5.5 miles.

Yesterday, Jenny and I decided to bike to Hopkins. It was a pretty nice ride, though longer than I thought (make sure you're using the scale on the correct side of the map!).

Now I'm interested in long-range biking. I think a nice start would be to bike to Stillwater. There's a trail that goes there from St. Paul. It'd be a nice weekend trip, bike up Saturday morning, relax, then bike back Sunday afternoon.

It's also got me interested in buying a GPS unit for my bike. These things are so cool. Unfortunately, there is no GPS maps for US bike trails! What an obvious business opportunity. Do you use a GPS while cycling? Email me: