Vote for Dean in the MoveOn Primary!

Online advocacy group MoveOn is having a vote among their members on June 24 to endorse a presidential candidate. MoveOn has over 1,000,000 members and raised over $600,000 in one day for Paul Wellstone. If the Dean campaign gets a MoveOn endorsement, it could be huge. You can still sign up to vote today. I ask you to sign up by going to and then on June 24, casting your ballot for Howard Dean.

Why Howard Dean?

First and foremost, his positions, but just as important is is passion. He doesn't just want to win -- there's no point in that. He wants to take back America. Watch him speak to 3200 people in Austin, TX -- the largest presidential rally yet this cycle -- and you'll know why he's setting people on fire.

Dean is the only candidate using the internet to its full potential, with a blog, high-resolution video downloads, MeetUp, and wireless alerts. Dean and MoveOn deserve each other. Please sign up and cast your vote for Howard Dean!