Lessig's Birthday

It's Lawence Lessig's birthday, and all he really wants is for you to sign a petition. Considering all he's done for you...

The email is below:

Hello person-whose-email-address-is-in-my-addressbook:

It is my birthday and I have a favor to ask.

If you are permitted -- by law or conscience -- to sign a petition, I'd be grateful if you would look at: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/eldred/petition.html

This cause has taken 4 years of my life. I would be extremely happy if you could consider signing it to help us push it along a bit more. If you're a supporter, I'd be even more grateful if you could pester others to sign as well. And if you're not, or can't, or don't know who I am, then sorry for the intrusion.