Slacktivist is one of the best weblogs I read regularly. Timely, insightful, progressive. He's a newspaper editor/copywriter (or something like that) for a small PA paper, and that gives the Slacktivist an uncommon insight on the news. He's also an evangelical Christian disgusted with the hypocrisy of the religious right.

Here's a few of my favorite recent posts.

A patriot, therefore angry: "[Brad DeLong] is angry because he is a patriot, and it is the duty of patriots to be angry when the greatness of a great nation is greatly reduced by careless men."

Bad habits: "[The reporter] seems uncomfortable simply stating fiscal statistics relating to the incumbent administration when those facts may seem unflattering. So, to avoid any appearance of bias, the reporter attributes any unflattering facts to the 'charges' of the president's political opponents."

Cheethos of Mass Destruction (just read the whole post).