Dean's Ninja Movie?

Salon did some real digging into the rumors that Howard Dean was in a crappy 80's ninja movie. The procured a copy of the movie (watch the clip here) and asked the Dean campaign if it is Dean:
Dean, unfortunately, says it's not him. Jay Carson, a Dean spokesman, told Salon he asked Dean "point-blank" -- and the Democratic front-runner said he was in no way associated with "The Domination," the story (from producers Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan) of a beautiful '80s aerobics practitioner possessed by the spirit of a ninja slain on a golf course. (It's the kind of movie where the heroine, having gone to a psychologist for help, is told that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her, "aside from your exceptional extrasensory perception and your preoccupation with Japanese culture. No harm in that.")

I watched the clip, and it totally sounds like Dean. It's hard to see the actor's face though. So, while Dean denies being in the movie, doubts remain.

As for me? Well, all I know is that Dean is the real ultimate power!