First Avenue Closes

Adding insult to injury, First Ave closed yesterday. What a major disappointment. I hope that the club can re-open. I heard someone suggest that the city should subsidize First Ave the way they do other important artistic institutions. I do agree that First Ave is important and shouldn't be allowed to close, but getting the government involved doesn't sound like a good idea because the city could take heat for controversial acts that play there. I don't want political considerations affecting what shows I can see. Maybe a foundation with a strong backbone would be willing to put up some cash for the club.

The real danger is that the owner of the building will just up and sell it. That land is worth a lot of money, and there are many in the city who'd rather see another shitty tower or Block E-esque monstrosity in its place.

I was going to go to a show this weekend. It sounds like it's been rescheduled, but will the old tickets still be valid?