US states I've visited

MyWorld66 is an interesting site. You can create a map of the states you've visited.

Here's my list of states I'm sure I've visited. I haven't counted states I've driven through or stopped at an airport in.

create your own visited states map

Here's why I've been to each state:

AZ: relatives

CA: tourism

CO: tourism

DC: tourism

DE: tourism

IL: college visit, tourism, friends

IN: relatives of a friend, Latin convention

IA: relatives, tourism, political activism

KS: relatives, Latin convention

MD: lived there

MA: tourism, Latin convention

MN: live here

MO: lived there

MT: tourism (hiking)

NJ: tourism (if you can believe it)

NY: tourism

NC: tourism

ND: lived there

OH: lived there

PA: tourism, family

SD: tourism

TN: Latin convention

TX: tourism (QuakeCon)

VA: tourism

WI: tourism, friends

WY: tourism (hiking)