Role playing your life

[Note: This may fall to near to "I had a really weird dream last night..." but I wanted to write about it anyway because it was interesting.]

This morning when I was attempting to haul my jet-lagged self out of bed, I had an interesting thought [Note: thought, not dream! thought!]. I imagined that hitting snooze was like rolling the dice to build your character in a roll playing game. But instead of your roll determining your character's attributes, the dreams inbetween snoozes determine aspects of your life for that day.

In these feverish, 7 minute dreams, I often dream of strange things, entire worlds squeezed into the time between groggy slaps at the snooze button. What if, from each dream, you selected one thing from your dream to be a part of your life? What if you did this every morning?

Roll the dice...