Gnome is going to give me carpal tunnel

Ugh. Gnome is going to give me carpal tunnel. I upgraded to the latest and greatest, and my the key repeats are all f'ed up. I can park my finger on the arrow keys or the backspace key and it doesn't move for crap. I've jiggereed with the settings but it doesn't improve.

Is it the keyboard? That's what I thought. I traded in the shitty KeyTronic IT gave me for a shiny new Microsoft Natural (my prefered keying device) but it didn't help. Maybe it's because I'm using USB keyboards.

I hope I can figure out a solution to this problem, or else I'm going to have to go in for early retirement.

Update: Looks like it was related to USB after all. I plugged in the KeyTronic again (it still sucks, but I needed to use a keyboard). That forced the OS to re-register the keyboard, and all of a sudden my new key repeat settings took effect.

Boo on that. Why didn't it work while I was fiddling with it?

Screw it, I've gone back to serial for my keyboard!